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Gürel Tower Residence has been in great demand since the year 2007 in İzmir due to its elite style and eyeful architecture. The construction of this popular building - where almost all of the citizens of İzmir desire to reside due to its location at the heart of the beautiful district in İzmir, Alsancak; and successful administration carried out by SUNAR BİNA YÖNETİM HİZMETLERİ A.Ş. - was completed in March, 2007 and people started to live within the building in May within the same year. The fact that all of the apartments within our building which is the first Residence in İzmir were sold before the construction process was completed is a significant factor that proves how true and befitting idea it was to construct such a building. There are 102 apartments in total within our building in 6 different forms such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 options; and one-vehicle autopark is assigned for each apartment. The quality of our apartments shines out with both its fixtures and design. Each apartment is equipped with Franke brand named Full Ancaster products and LG air conditioners. Our building which is the choice of those who assume materials of high quality to be indispensable has alternatives of apartments with our without furniture; and the recent occupancy factor is % 99.

The security of those who live within our apartments is important for us. Security Service of our Building is being carried out by İzmir Güvenlik Şirketi (Security Company) during 7 days / 24 hours. Our building is being monitored by CCTV Camera systems during 24 hours. The circulation among the general sections of our building is realized via passcards; and consequently strangers are kept outside of the building. The entrances and exits are kept under control in our building where Intercom devices of video-communication are used. Our punctiliousness regarding to safety is one of the most significant reasons why many people prefer Gürel Tower Residence for living. Gürel Tower Residence, just like it is in other aspects, also steps forth with its understanding of hygiene. The periodic cleaning processes of the general sections of the building are carried out by a professional team from FMS Temizlik Hizmetleri (FMS Hygiene Services). In case it is requested, cleaning services for the apartments and dry cleaning services are provided too.

Our building which is equipped with high technology equipments is constructed on 663 Piles; and C35 type of concrete which complies with top European Standards is used during the construction process instead of C25 type of concrete which is widely being used for such buildings. External glass structures are manufactured by Metal Structures Company which has participated in many important projects all around Europe; and they are structuralized with fully equipped materials when compared with similar buildings all around the world. Beside the fact that the roof isolation was implemented by Henkel Türk A.Ş., the inner and external materials that we have used for our building are big proofs showing that we shall never step back when it comes to quality. The municipal water is filtered via Aquamatch liquid filtering system which is integrated within the building; consequently the water provided to the apartments is at drinkable state. If we consider fire pump station which is activated automatically in case of emergency (by means of electrical and diesel pumps) via smoke detectors and sprinklers that are placed within the apartments and the commonly-used sections; one can easily reach the conclusion that Gürel Tower Residence is a giant self-sufficient facility.

8 elevators that are constructed within our building are made by KONE which is the biggest Elevator Company in the world. At the same time, KONE provides services in order to ensure healthy operating state of the elevators during 24 hours. On the other side, our building is integrated a floor- heating system which is compatible with natural gas; and there exists the air conditioning system which provides fresh air for the apartments. Our technical team, the reason of existence of which is: to protect this recent infrastructure and to develop it, provides free service for all of the apartments.

The administration of our building is carried out by Sunar Bina Yönetim Hizmetleri A.Ş (Building Management Services).. There is a department of Public Relations which works professionally within the body of GTR TEAM and which can be reached by the apartment occupants at any time; and it provides every kind of support that you need inside and outside of the building. You can benefit from the services such as bill tracking services, dry cleaning applications, apartment cleaning arrangements, being informed of the activities that happen in the city, airport support services, support for catering services. There is a technical service team within our building which shall provide safe, quick and most appropriate services concerning every kind of decoration or restoration application that you want to accomplish within the building itself or in your own apartments. Besides, you can have the service personnel of the building to go shopping for your daily needs or have them carry out weekly or daily shopping services .

The fitness saloon which is located on the 5th floor of our building is available for all of the apartment occupants during 24 hours free of charge. Furthermore, Personal Training services are conducted privately via Pilates reformer. The ‘’Residence Club’’ which is located on the 4th floor of our building is available for all of the occupants for having their professional meetings, private meetings, football- match watching organizations. Moreover, you can offer hot drinks to your guests here and have free Wi-Fi internet connections. Additionally, Dokay AŞ, Brother’s Male/Female Hair Dresser, Foça Sigorta LTD ŞTİ, Mudo and Mudo Concept Shops which exist within our legal body shall keep having the understanding of providing every kind of service in order to meet your needs.




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